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Client Testimonials

"JoCephus Originals are unquestionably the most talented and gifted robe designers and robe manufacturers in the industry today. Their craftmanship is impeccably characterized by originality, superior quality and that special personal touch. Over the years they have provided many of our clergy needs. Each time I have requested a new robe, they have been able to take a mere concept and develop it into a phenomenal one-of-a-kind design. The aspect that I appreciate most about JoCephus Originals is that all of their work is performed on the premises..." 

Dr. Shirley Caesar

Senior Pastor, Mt. Calvary Word of Faith

Raleigh, North Carolina

“Jocephus Originals, Inc. is more than a robe designer, they are keepers of a sacred tradition of Liturgical artistry and Divine creative expression. I am proud to say that I now own nearly 30 of his custom pieces, and I wear each of them proudly, knowing that the hands that created them did so with love, unwavering character, and impeccable care. I recommend Jocephus Originals, Inc. to any choir, convention, university, or clergy person who desires garments which are timeless, with craftsmanship and artistry that never fails.” 

Dr. Winterbourne Harrison-Jones

Senior Pastor, Witherspoon Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, IN

For over 20 years Jocephus Originals have been the sole provider of all my personal clergy attire as well as providing all garments for the Life Changing Ministries International Fellowship. His original designs and the impeccable craftsmanship is the reason he has been our sole provider. Using the finest material and then servicing his garments throughout the life of the garment has made us satisfied customers for over 20 years. Jocephus Originals is a one stop shop for all of my investment needs. Flawless quality is always associated with the name "Jocephus Originals." 


Serving The Master,

Dr. A. B. McNair, Sr.

Life Changing Fellowship

"Preachers and Pastors come up to the next level with JoCephus Originals. As a Pastor with a spirit of excellence, I recommend a company of excellence, JoCephus Originals..."

Bishop Paul S. Morton and Co-Pastor Deborah B. Morton

Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Church

New Orleans, Louisiana

"Thank you, JoCephus Originals, for your impeccable robes and clergy apparel. You are truly gifted and anointed and the best in the business. Your designs bring dignity, style and inspiration to the Episcopacy."

Bishop Millicent Hunter

Senior Pastor, The Baptist Worship Center

Philadelphia, PA

Let's Work Together...
Do you have an idea for your church, choir, organizational or personal garment design? Give us a call to schedule a consultation to see how we may serve your needs.

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